Heroic Brackenspore Video

The Spore Falls!
Pretty pleased with how quickly we got Brackenspore Heroic difficulty down on Sunday night. Kill pic up and finally have sorted out a video, both of which are below.

To Butcher and Ko’ragh!

Heroic Brackenspore

Heroic Tectus and Raid Days

Firstly, Sunday night we had a really clean Heroic Tectus kill which was awesome, even after a late start. Hopefully moving onto Heroic Butcher this evening.

Secondly we are looking at moving round our raid days a bit to fit the guild better so if you haven’t already let us know which are the best days for you.


Normal Ko’ragh & Heroic Twins

First raids of 2015, we got off to a pretty good start downing Heroic twins after the gut wrenching 0.3% wipe. Then on Wednesday normal Ko’ragh was taken down after barely any time at all (image below).

Friday we are gonna take on Mar’gok and hopefully watch the Imperator fall on normal,basic and in-depth tactics also below.



Epitome Raiding Primer

Raiding is about to open so we have finalised the rules and numbers for raiding and EPGP, these will be shown and explained below.

500 Default GP. Solves the divide by 0 problem
7% Weekly decay. This ensures recent raiding is more relevant
40 Farm Kill. Double given if we have killed the boss less than 3 times
40 Per hour of raid
400 Progression kill
100 Bonus EP, explained below

The bonus EP is simply to ensure raids go smoothly

60 Ensuring you are correctly flasked, gear enchanted and boss tactics read up on.
20 Signing up to the raid at least 24 hours before the raid
20 Being in the raid group on time

To get the Bonus EP in the first week you will need to make sure your gear is above 628 Item level. The First boss we will be going for is Kargath Bladefist, there is a video below, make sure to get acquainted with his mechanics. We’ll also probably go for The Butcher so please read up on him too, again a video is provided below.

Finally make sure you have EPGP (DKP Reloaded) and EPGP Lootmaster installed before the raid or you wont be able to receive loot this raid.

EPGP (DKP Reloaded)
EPGP Lootmaster




Epitome is Live!

Epitome’s draft website is finally live, while not a finished product it is looking good. Found at http://www.epitome-guild.tk/ we have a recruitment system, events, information about the guildies and a gallery already set-up.

Forums are being implemented and we plan on sorting some guides to help when we are progressing in raids. Share with us what you think and if you have any ideas for us please let us know.